The Foundry

Collaboration is at the core of Grow Granby’s approach. Working closely with the City, the group identified a city-owned vacant building as a key asset in their revitalization efforts. This space became “The Foundry,” a thrift store with a purpose. The store not only aims to offer residents a treasure trove of affordable finds but also serves as a vital funding source for Grow Granby’s various projects. It embodies the spirit of recycling and repurposing, turning unused spaces into vibrant community assets.

Business Incubator

In a bold and innovative move, Grow Granby also set its sights on revitalizing a downtown hazardous waste site. Rather than succumbing to the challenges posed by industrial relics, the group envisioned transforming the space into a hub of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Seven small incubator businesses, ingeniously crafted from repurposed shipping containers, are set to emerge, breathing new economic life into the heart of Granby. This ambitious project not only promises to provide a unique backdrop for local businesses but also demonstrates Grow Granby’s commitment to sustainable development.